(In short: Fuyitong Bonded Company)

Safe Warehousing,Safe Teansport,Simple Procedure,Timely Service

Business Scope: imported productive raw materials needed by processing trade enterprises and foreign invested enterprises for processing of re-export products, machinery equipment enjoying preferential tax treatment as approved and ordinary overseas transit goods; consigned goods for sales on commission by foreign investors; goods imported and exported by three-funded enterprises (enterprises built with exclusively foreign funds, Chinese-foreign joint ventures and cooperative firms)
Business Features: 1. To provide for processing trade enterprises with reasonable and safe warehousing and corresponding supporting services to meet their needs due to different production changes.
2. To provide for foreign invested enterprises and machinery equipment enjoying preferential tax treatment as approved, Warehousing service and corresponding supporting services.
3. To provide for overseas ordinary transit goods with transit business service.
4. To provide foreign investors with consigned goods or consigned goods for sales on commission with warehousing service and supporting materials distribution service (domestic configuration and international distribution).
5. To enterprises without right of management for import and export business operation, our company can provide agent service for handling of import and export formalities and related document approval and certificate.
6. To provide better services for our customers, our company also implement.

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