(In short: Fuyitong Customs Declaration Unit)

Highly Efficient Reasonable, Convenient Safe

Business Scope: Customs declaration service; accepting commissions, providing labor service; information consulting services etc.
Business Advantages: Excellent business operation mechanism. Fuyitong Customs Declaration Unit boasts a stable, reliable, independent and flexible business operation mechanism.
Sound level of business management. Fuyitong Customs Declaration Unit has approximately 10 personnel for customs declaration officially registered in Beijing Customs, all of whom have technical secondary school or junior college educational qualifications, and most of them have more than three years of customs declaration experiences, family with business operation and also with relatively high command of foreign language ability.
Perfect management system. Fuyitong Customs Declaration Unit has established a perfect business flow system as well as various rules and regulations formulated for the realization of business flow.
Complete set of supporting facilities. Fuyitong Customs Declaration Unit has realized intra-net system within its unit, all personnel for customs declaration have their own vehicles for special use of customs declaration, ensuring therefore quick and accurate service, Meanwhile, with the approval of the transport authorities, the unit has also set up its own transport fleet, being responsible for delivery, transport and domestic distribution of the declared goods.
Expanded scope of service: Fuyitong Customs Declaration Unit, through cooperation with its mother company Beijing Fuhaihua Import & Export Co., Ltd.

And another subsidiary company Beijing Fuyitong Bonded Warehousing Co., Ltd. have established a comprehensive service integrating “Commissioned import and export, customs declaration for ordinary goods (bonded customs declaration), transport and bonded Warehousing” etc.

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